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Unlocking a sustainable lower carbon Future

About Humber Zero

Humber Zero is playing a key role in getting the region fit for a net zero future, delivering two carbon capture projects at VPI's Immingham plant and the Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery as part of the Viking CCS Cluster.

These projects have a critical role to play in making Viking CCS’s target to capture up to 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year by 2030 a reality, providing the first two potential emitter projects that will be key to supporting the Government’s timelines for CCS deployment.

It is a significant undertaking, with VPI and Phillips 66 Limited together expecting to invest over £2bn to make it happen.

Humber Zero Huge Boost

Our Location

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The Immingham Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP)

VPI’s Immingham plant is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe and is capable of producing enough flexible power to meet the needs of over one million homes. The 1.2GW plant also provides electricity and steam to local sites including the Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery. We expect to be in a position to start capturing carbon from the CHP as early as 2028 if momentum continues and we get the green light from the government.

The Immingham site is also home to VPI's broader Energy Park, a new project currently under construction that has been designed to deliver 350MW of rapid-response power during peaks of demand and when renewable energy generation is low.


The Humber Refinery

Phillips 66 Limited’s Humber Refinery is one of the most complex in Europe, manufacturing a variety of fuels and specialist products.

Today, the refinery already produces lower carbon transport fuels, alongside traditional transport fuels and products such as propylene and benzene which are the building blocks to manufacture products ranging from pharmaceuticals to household goods. The Humber Refinery is proud to be the UK’s only refinery to supply sustainable aviation fuel at scale and is Europe’s only producer of specialty graphite coke, a critical mineral used in lithium-ion batteries and electronics. We are proud of the role we play in the UK’s energy security, transport resilience and providing the products used every day by society.