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Unlocking a sustainable, lower carbon future

Introducing Humber Zero

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the next big milestone in the UK’s transition to a net zero future.

Through Humber Zero, VPI and Phillips 66 Limited are on a mission to deliver one of the world’s largest carbon capture projects, whilst strengthening UK infrastructure and creating local jobs.

Together, we plan to deliver almost a fifth of the UK Government’s 2030 targets for captured carbon, with plans to capture up to 3.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per annum by 2028, building to 3.8 million tonnes per annum the following year.


The Opportunity

Humber Zero is helping to create a new industry for the UK, which is predicted to be worth up to £5bn per year to the economy by 2050.

As the UK’s largest industrial hub, the Humber region already contributes £18bn to the UK economy every year. It also emits more CO2 than any other UK industrial cluster, making carbon capture a critical part of its journey to net zero.

We have completed the initial engineering designs and are continuing to develop towards making final investment decisions on the projects at VPI's Immingham plant and the Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery. Together these projects intend to deliver lower carbon power to millions of people, while helping to drive down the carbon footprint of products such as sustainable aviation fuel and battery coke for electric vehicle batteries, alongside traditional transport fuels and products such as propylene and benzene.

Humber Zero should also deliver significant economic and societal benefit, help to preserve a thriving industrial hub while creating thousands of jobs in construction and high-value permanent jobs once operational.  

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Collaboration for Net Zero

About Us

Humber Zero is a collaboration between VPI and Phillips 66 Limited. Together, we provide the energy and essential products needed by society every day.

VPI is one of the leading power companies in the UK and the largest battery storage operator in Ireland, with 3.5GW of capacity across seven sites. We solve problems that emerge in each new horizon of the energy transition – whether that’s providing reliable and flexible power, removing carbon from power, or driving uptake in renewables. We are a significant investor in the energy system and are building three new projects to increase capacity.
Phillips 66 Limited is a wholly owned UK subsidiary of Phillips 66, a global diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company. In the UK, we own and operate the Humber Refinery located in North Lincolnshire, where we have an ambition to continue to develop a thriving, lower carbon business platform by leveraging existing capabilities and advancing investments in new energy technologies.
Delivering one of the world's largest carbon capture projects

The Technology

The first phase of Humber Zero will see the installation of two post-combustion carbon capture plants at VPI's combined heat and power (CHP) plant and at the Phillips 66 Limited Humber Refinery. This will allow us to capture millions of tonnes of CO2 that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere.

Once captured, the aim is for the CO2 emissions to be transported and stored in the Viking CCS depleted gas fields in the southern North Sea.

Our ambition is that these projects will help to kickstart the CO2 abatement of industry and power in what could be the first demonstration of these critical technologies at scale.

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Find out the latest news from Humber Zero, including lessons learned from the development process.

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If you have any questions about the Humber Zero projects and would like to speak to the team then please contact us and one of us will respond as soon as we can.